How to keep and maintain your relationship

It is normal to wonder how to maintain a relationship, whether you are in a long-term, live-in or long-distance relationship. No matter how much you love your partner, when the novelty of your relationship wears off, the passion and excitement eventually wear off too. Please know that you are not alone and that reading this … Read more

What Is Love? Meaning, History, Signs and Types

In a relationship, there are four main components: love, friendship, intellectual compatibility, and sexual attraction. Love is the bonding agent that fortifies a partnership. It has a strong biological component. However, what really is love, and how can you tell if you’re in love at all? Since everyone’s definition of what true love is can … Read more

How to get the romance back in your marriage

Suggestions List all the problems. Examine other variables Determine the components. Find a solution It’s likely that you’ve heard the saying “Mend it, don’t end it” a million times in your life. Even when a relationship reaches the “point of no-return,” people are frightened to face the reality of their unhappy union and make an … Read more

Tips On Dealing With Domestic Violence And Abuse

Identifying emotional abuse can be challenging at times. Even more so when a lot of factors are involved, such as in a married relationship with a mortgage, children, shared plans, history, habits, and other considerations. And you would probably respond with one of two things if someone suggested your spouse might be emotionally abusive: “That’s … Read more

Put Your Romantic Life in good sharp with These Love Advice

TTake your romance to the next level with these love tips. Before you can love others, you must first love yourself. Your personal happiness is your responsibility. Regarding the expectations you have for the relationship, be reasonable. Choose a person you like. To love, one must have two. Love ought to be like hitting the … Read more

20 Signs Of True Love in a Relationship

When does one experience true love? 20 signs that you have true love in a relationship Without a doubt, love is a pleasant feeling in any form. It instills in men a sense of bravery and confidence while also casting a beautiful atmosphere around women. In a relationship, true love is more than just how … Read more