How to go from Miami to Orlando (public transport or excursion)


How to go from miami to orlando by train

Miami is usually the gateway to Florida and as such, there are many travelers who have doubts about how to get from Miami to Orlando , one of the most visited destinations on the peninsula thanks to being the place in the world with the highest concentration of parks. of attractions.
That is why we wanted to publish this guide on how to get to Orlando from Miami so that you can clearly see what the options are, each one with its advantages and disadvantages, and decide which one best suits your needs.

Based on the time we spent in the area during our trip to Florida , we tell you all the details on how to get to Orlando from Miami. Let’s start!

How to go from Miami to Orlando on an excursion, The comfortable and easy option

Don’t you want to worry about anything? Then we advise you to choose to go to Orlando from Miami with a private transfer or, if you go to the Orlando Parks , opt directly for an excursion since this way, you will have round-trip transfers, the hotel, the transfers to the parks included. from the chosen hotel and even the tickets. As you can see, the best option to not worry about anything other than enjoying your vacations in the amusement parks.

These are the options to go to Orlando from Miami :

private transfer

Orlando and its parks for free for 2, 3 or 4 days

Excursion to Disney World Orlando

Universal Orlando Resort Tour

In case you want to go from Miami to Orlando city, you can take the private transfer, although in this case, the price is quite high, so perhaps it would be convenient to review other alternative options. If you want more information about theme parks, we recommend you read these posts about Magic Kingdom , Epcot , Animal Kingdom , Hollywood Studios and this one about Universal Studios .

Excursion, the most comfortable way to go from Miami to Orlando

Remember that in order not to pay commissions and always have the current change, we recommend using the Revolut card and the N26 card . They are the ones we use, they are free and they will mean a great saving.
You can find more information in this article about the best cards to travel without commissions .

How to go from Miami to Orlando by bus: the cheapest option

Another of the cheapest options to get to Orlando from Miami is the bus . In addition, it is also very comfortable since in general terms it makes few stops (2-3 maximum) and the journey takes about 4h30 more or less. It is important to know that depending on the company they leave from one terminal or another and arrive at one point or another in Orlando. In addition, also depending on the company, the bus makes one stop or another, is more or less frequent and even varies in price (generally around $30).

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Flixbus: this is one of the best-known companies and it runs different routes throughout the day, most of them lasting about 4h30. Sometimes, especially if you book in advance, you can get tickets for less than $10. You can book your ticket here.

Megabus: another of the best-known companies to go to Orlando from Miami. In this case, the journey is about 4h30h and has two departures a day. Booking in advance and if you take an offer, the tickets even have prices of $5.

Redcoach: in this case they also have several frequencies a day and depending on the one you choose, the journey takes between 4 and 4:30.

Jet Set Express: If you need to go from the Miami airport to Universal Studios, Jet Set Express has a daily bus that connects both points. It also has buses to go from Miami to Orlando.

SuperTours: In case you want to go from Miami to the Orlando parks , this company can organize day trips (round trip from Miami) or several days. You just have to indicate where you want to be picked up from Miami and which park you want to go to. Easier impossible.
They also have the option of making only the routes from Miami to Orlando (city).

We recommend you review the pages of each of the companies to see the details of each route. It is important to choose one or the other depending on whether you want to go to Orlando city and from there move to the parks or directly take an option to go from Miami to the parks.

How to Get to Orlando from Miami by Train

Currently, another option to go from Miami to Orlando is the train . In this case, you should opt for the Amtrak company that makes this journey in 5h15 if you take the first in the morning (8am) or 7h30 if you take the midmorning (11am). The price of the trip is about $40.
It is important to know that the Amtrak train station is at 8303 NW 37th Avenue, about 12 miles from Miami Beach, so you will have to get there by public transportation or taxi and once you get to Orlando, if you want to go to the parks, You must also have other transportation to do so.

As of today, the Brightline company is estimated to start operating a high-speed train line in June. This line will connect Miami with Orlando in 3 hours with about 30 daily journeys, something that will make going from Miami to Orlando by train finally one of the fastest and most comfortable alternatives for travelers.

Travel insurance for Orlando

To travel to Orlando, there is nothing better than having a good travel insurance since the health services are very high, a simple visit to the doctor can cost 500 dollars and several thousands for any operation.
We always travel insured with Mondo , with whom we carry an insurance that is fully adequate to the needs that we are going to have on the trip.
Contracting your insurance with Mondo here , just for being a reader of Viajeros Callejeros, you have a 5% discount .

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Going from Miami to Orlando by rental car, the most comfortable option if you are making a route through Florida

If you are making a route through the Florida Peninsula on your own as we did, the option of renting a car in Miami may be the most comfortable way to go to Orlando from Miami. In addition, the journey will not take you more than 3h30 and you will even be able to make some intermediate stops.
Of course, it is important to know that the hotel parking both at Disney and Universal are expensive, as is parking at the parks ($25 on average), so if you only want to rent a car to go from Miami to the parks from Orlando, this would not be the cheapest option.

In addition, if you opt for a rental car, it is also important to consider that you can take different roads, the fastest being the one known as Florida’s Turnpike, a very comfortable toll road, which also has all the services.
Keep in mind that currently, many of the tolls are electronic, so it may be highly recommended to take the SunPass at the time you pick up your rental car. This is a prepaid toll program in Florida that, in addition to benefiting from lower prices, also has exclusive lanes and faster bridges. Although depending on the rental company it may have one price or another, initially it is about $10.49 per rental day with a weekly maximum of $52.49 (Dollar Company).

Plane from Miami airport to Orlando

This could be another way to go to Orlando from Miami, although we would only choose it if you link the flight with the arrival at the Miami airport since between the flight time, billing and then going to the cities, the investment, price and time , we believe that it does not compensate.

However, in case you want to connect both flights, it can be interesting since there are several companies that have direct flights from Miami to Orlando for less than $100. We recommend you check the pages of Spirit, American Airlines and Delta to see the frequencies (there are many throughout the day) and prices. Once at the airport you can go to the city by public transport or by hiring this private transfer service if you don’t want to worry about a thing.


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