The Best Europe Travel Insurance

Best Europe Travel Insurance
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When we have a trip to Europe, normally the last thing we think about is the need for the best travel insurance , and that it also includes COVID-19 coverage, since in general terms the most we travel with is with the European Health Card, with which we already take for granted that we will have the necessary health care, in case of any health setback.

We cannot deny the obvious and that is that with the European Health Card you will have health care in any of the countries in which it is covered, but you probably have not considered other aspects for which it would be, in addition to being recommended, very necessary to have the best insurance. Traveling to Europe.

Best Europe travel insurance

European sanitary card

The European Health Card is a document with which you can receive any type of necessary medical assistance within the European Union.
Includes these countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia , United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden. In addition to Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.
You must bear in mind that these services will only be provided for temporary stays, either for tourism or work reasons, but never for the purpose of receiving medical treatment.

It is important to know that in some cases, depending on the country, you will have to pay a certain amount, derived from healthcare. This will happen in cases in which the insured of the country must also do so and at no time will they be reimbursable.
The European Health Card does not include repatriation if necessary, nor the return to your home after treatment or the trip of a family member to accompany you.
More than enough reasons to value the option of hiring the best travel insurance to Europe 2022 , don’t you think?

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You can consult all the information or make an appointment to apply for the European Health Card here .

Best Europe travel insurance

With all the data clear, regarding what the European Health Card does or does not cover, we believe it is important to assess the need to have the best travel insurance to Europe , in order to travel calmly and above all, safely.

What does the best Europe travel insurance cover?

If you want to know all the coverage of travel insurance to Europe that we recommend, be sure to read the post «What is the best travel insurance?» .

COVID-19 coverage with Mondo insurance

Something very important due to the current health situation is knowing that all Mondo insurance includes medical assistance in case of contagion by coronavirus . In addition, the extra stay you need in case of contagion due to quarantine is also included and, of course, the test if it is necessary.
In addition, the extra cancellation option includes special coverage for illness or death of a family member or the traveler due to COVID-19.

Another advantage of taking out insurance with Mondo is that if you need to have a PCR, you can contact them and get an exclusive discount.

Mondo insurance includes COVID-19 coverage

How much does travel insurance for Europe cost?

And after all this, you are probably wondering, but how much will the best travel insurance for Europe that you are recommending cost me?
Well, as we said at the beginning of the article, we are sure that the price will surprise you:

Tranquility Trip : 15.86 euros per person for a one-week trip through Europe, with the 5% discount already applied for being a reader of Viajeros Callejeros already applied and a coverage of 300,000 euros in medical expenses.
This option is perfect for travelers who want peace of mind, albeit with basic coverage.

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TOP trip (most recommended option by Street Travelers) : This insurance only has a price of 17.49 euros per person with the 5% discount already applied for being a reader of Street Travelers already applied, for a one-week trip to any country of Europe and a coverage of 600,000 euros in medical expenses.

Premium Trip (the best option for demanding travelers) : 45.81 euros per person with a 5% discount already applied for being a reader of Viajeros Callejeros , for a one-week trip through Europe, with a maximum coverage of 1,500. 000 euros included.

Only Assistance : in case you only need medical assistance, this option includes 500,000 euros plus repatriation and early return for only 13.96 euros per person .

Travel insurance price for Europe

And of course, if your trip is longer than what we indicate in the examples, much better, since the longer the trip, the lower the cost per additional day.

Just for being a reader of Callejeros Travelers, you have a 5% discount on your travel insurance for Europe, in addition to 15% if you take our family or group insurance.


Best travel insurance to Europe

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